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In the early 1960’s, Portage High School was experiencing a large increase in student population and found itself quickly outgrowing the school building. Consequently, in 1965 Portage Northern High School opened its doors as the second high school in Portage Public School district.

At that time the district had to make tough decisions regarding athletic facilities and auxiliary spaces as the majority of the funds had to be directed to the school building itself. The decision was made to forego another stadium on the Northern campus. So, for the past 52 years, Northern High School athletes have been commuting to McCamley Field on Portage Central’s campus for participation in “home” football, lacrosse, and track & field events.

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In 2015, after many years of limited facility availability, the district was again experiencing tremendous growth in the size and number of athletic teams. A bond campaign was initiated to address the need for additional extra-curricular facilities to meet the needs of the athletes. As a result of that successful campaign, a new athletic event stadium, a new soccer facility and a new aquatic center will be constructed on the north side of the NHS campus.

The Northern community will finally have its own athletic facilities! To celebrate this milestone in a permanent tangible way, we are offering personalized commemorative bricks that will be installed at either our new Huskie Field or our Huskie Stadium (see the "Buy a Brick" page for more details). Please join us in celebrating the rich tradition of being a Huskie and consider purchasing a brick.

Football Stadium Artwork